About Me

Hi there, random stranger! My name is Daniel and I’m the proud owner of this website. I used to be an iPhone fanboy, just like you, but then, when I couldn’t afford to buy the latest and greatest phone version, I have made the switch to Android.

Man, what a day! I mean, I suffered a bit because – let’s face it – the quality of the Android apps isn’t fantastic. They do the job, but Apple’s apps look more polished. Anyway, I have forgotten about iTunes and everything else the minute I’ve discovered Android’s freedom.

Why not allow people to plug their phones into their computers, and then have access to files, music, videos, etc at will? Android does that – and so much more!

Anyway, I think that you see why I am so passionate about Android. I use this site to post things I really care about. I don’t have a lot of time at my disposal, though, so the updates may take a while. I won’t post daily, my beloved fan. Gotta feed the little ones!


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